Mother's Testimonials


I see nutrition (for myself and my family) through a new lens, thanks to Dr. Bens. What I like about this book is that it’s high in entertainment and educational value. It gives me a basic blueprint for better health through nutrition ... a ton of actionable and enriching information ... and a story I bet will get other moms talking more and thinking harder about good nutrition (and taking action too). Rebecca Sues Her Mother is money well spent.
Liz C., mother of 2
Birmingham, Alabama

I think Dr Bens has touched on a very delicate subject. I have already gone through parenting, raising two children, and did try to feed them as healthy as possible.  But on becoming more knowledgeable I wish that I knew then what I know now. If we honestly think about what he is trying to convey, I believe we would all agree to try harder when frequenting the grocery and choose better quality foods for our children and ourselves.

Yvonne Ferrara
Sarasota, Florida

Rebecca sues her Mother is a necessary wake-up call for all parents to understand how their food choices and daily habits have life-long consequences on their families’ health. Dr. Bens’ controversial and entertaining book introduces a timely topic and provides guidance in the middle of a national health crisis, which can only be solved by going back to basic health principles that need to be taught and practiced at home.
Eirasmin Lokpez
Houston, Texas

After reading "Rebecca Sues Her Mother," my big regret was that I didn't have it to read 30 years ago when my 2 sons were still young.  Our youngest son was born 2 months early and weighed 3lbs 7ozs, so my mind set with him was always to fatten him up.  The only problem is I never changed it even after he became an overweight adolescent and later an obese adult.  The information in this book could change the mindset of many mothers of young children from going down the same path that I did.  Having this information written in story form allows it to reach our hearts because, like me, we can truly identify with the characters.  I would have been empowered by this information and saved my son the heartache that comes from the peers of an overweight child.  Reaching the hearts of today’s mothers will be the motivation for change.  I am positive that every mother, anywhere, would benefit greatly from reading the book.  The author has done a fabulous job getting across the importance of change starting in our own homes.  There is no greater gift a mother could give her children than a healthy start in life and this book gives her the tools to do it.  Kudos to Charles K. Bens, the author, for giving us this information.

Patricia Deems
Mesa, Arizona

A bombshell of a book! Congratulations and thank you to Dr. Bens for wading into these heady waters. Not an easy topic to address, but ont that definitely needed to be examined. The story is entertaining and the information is presented in a very accessible way. On a continent that is overfed yet undernourished, it's time we all sit up and listen, and start to take responsibility for our health and that of our children.!

Heather Fleck
Ottawa, Canada

I will definitely help spread the word about your book. The information you provided in the workshop you gave (2 years ago) helped greatly in my curing my diabetes. It is still gone, by the way. And, while my doctor back then refused to admit it was actually gone, even though the numbers said it was, two other doctors have confirmed that I no longer have diabetes. I’m glad that people are now realizing that it can be cured, and that medicine is not the way to cure it. But, preventing it is still the best way to go. And, your book will be giving that message.
Have a great day!
Robbin H.

Putting a complex disease, like diabetes, into understandable terms is a difficult task, but Rebecca Sues Her Mother is a unique, fact-filled story.  This story touches the core of the mother child relationship as Rebecca seeks answers to why she has diabetes and what role her mother played. Rebecca Sues Her Mother is an interesting read for persons with diabetes, as well as all mothers (and parents) who may be struggling to get their children to eat nutritiously.  A unique feature of this book is that it also offers a wealth of information and guidance for medical practitioners to use as they treat persons with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Beverly P. (mother of two)
New York


Doctors's Testimonials

Being a specialist in Food Science & Metabolism I appreciate this controversial look at the poor food choices that our children are being given that is responsible for the current epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes. Rebecca Sues Her Mother is a great place for us to begin talking about solutions to making change for optimum health. Stubbornness... is doing the same thing and expecting a different result,  It's time for change, with new ideas comes controversy, with controversy comes learning, with learning comes change, with change comes growth, with growth comes healing.

Dr Joel, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Bens' book imparts important and timely information in a creative format; it's easy to read, entertaining, and full of scientific strategies for preventing and reversing diabetes. This book could help stem our epidemic of diabetes.

Dr. Julian Whitaker

Rebecca Sues Her Mother is a unique approach to taking ownership of your health.

Dr. Michael Murray


Rebecca Sues Her Mother is a great book about the causes and prevention of diabetes.

Dr. David Perimutter